Is your summer wardrobe looking a bit boring or lacking? We don’t want to tell you what to wear, but it’s nice to get some fresh ideas! We’ve checked the scene on what’s hot and what will help you beat the heat this summer. Fashion can be fickle, so we choose classic looks that are also practical.

#1 Linen Garments

Linen button-down shirts, Bermuda shorts, and even skorts are looking good this summer. Linen can mix between a casual dressy and professional easily. It has a laid-back beach, but office appropriate style to it. As a great plus, it’s also very breathable, so you don’t have to worry about sweating in it, with this airy fun fabric.

#2 Wide Brim Hats

Getting some sun might be necessary for some vitamin D, but too much of it is damaging and dangerous. Good news! Wide brim hats aren’t just for Easter Sunday or the beach! Pick out a fun one for brunch, taking a stroll, or whatever you’re doing under the sun. Your skin will thank you!

baby doll dress

#3 Baby Doll Dresses

Every era comes back at some point. This summer, rock your 90’s style and give your legs some air! With styles ranging from spaghetti straps to baggy sleeves, you can have a range of looks. If you really want to complete the 90’s look, pair it with some combat boots! Totally bangin’!

#4 Bralettes

It seems bras are now shirts? Sounds weird, but hang in here with us! Funny enough, this was the biggest hit on the Spring/Summer 2020 runways! They are being paired with suit jackets and high-waisted bottoms (yes, those are still a thing). Whatever your opinion, we find these can be fun for weekend outings to keep you cool at the pool or on a stroll! Keep them out of the office though.

puffy sleeves

#5 Puffy Sleeves

Bring out the inner flower child and take that top from ordinary to exceptional! Want to be the life of the party? This look is sure to get some attention. It can also keep you warm on those summer nights by the campfire. Remember, our region requires layers!

#6 Sheer Layers

Speaking of layers, take that summer top or dress from flirty to formal with a sheer layer over it! It’s an airy layer, so you don’t have to worry about overheating. This look is perfect for chilling by the pool one minute, the next attending a wedding!

#7 Flat-Heeled Slip-On Sandals

If you are into this look, there’s even more good news! You can find so many styles that are also super comfortable! One of the best parts is, the slip-on feature! Great for those asking, “who has time to lace, tie, or buckle?” Just get them on and go! Another winning feature is the flat heel. You can probably find some with more support, but not having to worry about falling off your heels is a plus in our book!

power print skirts

#8 Power Prints

This might not be as much of a practical pick as it is a fun one. Go ahead and ditch those black and white stripes for some funny neon patterns! From before the quarantine, these have been making a comeback. After being cooped up at home, we figure you deserve to make the best of it. Why not laugh a little and adorn some hot orange cats or a sun hat with some wild colorful flowers brimming out of it?

Bottom Line

Styles come and go. We either latch on to them, lag behind them, or ignore them altogether. One thing that’s always certain though is that you decide what you wear. Don’t dictate your wardrobe based on what is “in”. Instead, be curious and creative! Check out trends that most interest you, try them out, and decide if it’s for you. You might not choose a style due to the comfort level. That is totally okay! You are the one who calls the shots on your style. Make it yours! Don’t forget, bring your fashion favorites in to Deluxe Cleaners so we can keep them in great lasting shape!