Deluxe Cleaners wants you to know that we are with you during this stressful time! We understand your need for social distancing to get this virus under control. Deluxe Cleaners has taken some pro-active steps to help the cause. We have been making sure our employees are in a safe space. We have been doing regular disinfecting, using gloves, and washing hands per CDC guidelines. Since we are masters at the cleaning craft, we want to share some important laundry tips to help fight the spread. 

  • Do not shake dirty laundry, especially if someone has been sick in the home. It can disperse the virus into the air.
  • Disinfect all laundry baskets regularly. Designate a “clean” basket and a “dirty” basket to keep the loads separated.
  • Disinfect your washing and drying machines; buttons, dials, surfaces, and insides.
  • Use gloves when handling a sick individual’s laundry.
  • Clean all fabric surfaces with a disinfectant such as your furniture, mattresses, and anything else you cannot put into the washing machine.
  • If you have had to go out in public during this time, change when you come home and wash those clothes immediately.
  • The CDC advises the use of hot water with quality detergent.
  • If you fear infection on certain items that can handle bleach, use it.
  • If you cannot do laundry right away, store items in a bag that you can seal or tie. Hand washing or steaming items have also proven useful.
  • There’s no need to wash all your clothes. It’s only required when they have been exposed or you have been in a public place. It’s important to stay calm during this situation. So far researchers have found that it is harder to catch the virus from soft surfaces than hard.
  • Don’t forget about your pillows!
  • Dry Cleaning has been proven to be an effective measure in removing most viruses from your fabrics.

We are currently only operating at the Union Centre location, as Cox Road is temporarily closed. Our laundry services have been deemed an essential service due to the need for our cleaning solutions. If you are concerned about picking up and dropping off laundry with us, please don’t hesitate to call beforehand. We will beat this together!