Being in the wedding dress alteration business, we’ve seen a huge array of gowns come and go. Usually, the bride is beaming from ear to ear by the time she is ready for alterations. She now imagines herself walking down the aisle. Getting to that point though can be a long stressful time. We have some dos and don’ts for preparing yourself to say yes to the dress!

1. Don’t Sacrifice Your Ideal Dress for Anyone or Anything

It is just a nightmare when the venue you are booking tells you that the cut of your dress is too revealing. Or maybe you cannot stop thinking of your great aunt Mildred, who would surely disapprove of that high slit up the side. These issues arrive more often than you would imagine, but we need to put them in their place. It is, in fact, your dress. No one should have a say over it than you. Pick out the gown of your dreams anyway and if issues arise, there are always options. Come to positive terms with perceived notions of disapproval. Consider pairing the dress with a detachable cover-up piece if you feel you must.

2. Dare to Be Bold, but Be Sure

What is traditional is not always what we all have in mind. If you do not want to wear white, you do not have to. There are no real rules for your choice of style and fashion. Before you splurge though on that Gothic black wedding gown, be sure that is what you truly want. You will need a few good months of researching pictures and options. It is more overwhelming than you realize once you hit the shops. Have your idea narrowed down and definite by that time.

3. Don’t Bog Down Your Style with Loads of Gaudy Jewelry When Your Dress is Already so Busy

Ultimately, it is your decision, but we can always go back to the old saying, “less is more” at times like these. You want a good balance with the dress vs. the accessories. Decide first if you want to showcase the dress or that heirloom diamond necklace your grandmother left you. Go heavy on either, but not both.

4. Be Open-minded on Shape

Until you try it on, you might not realize a few key things. The first and, depending on the bride, most importantly, you want to be able to move around. Beauty doesn’t have to be painful. You can choose a stylish dress and be comfortable. Another key thing is that you might need to try on a few gowns to truly decide on what you want. That picture of the dress on Google loses its value when you consider the person wearing it is not your exact size or shape.

5. Final Thoughts

Shopping for your perfect wedding gown, although stress-inducing, can be a fun experience. Do remember to leave yourself plenty of time to decide and browse. Do get your family and close friends involved. It might seem like a strain, but you and whoever is with you when you finally find that perfect dress will always remember this treasured time. It is an opportunity to make them feel involved and cherished. Do let shop owners help you, but don’t let them pressure you. There will be those that do. Remember that you are in charge. When you finally say yes to the dress, do remember that Deluxe Cleaners is here to alter it to be the perfect fit on your perfect day!