We all have one or two beautiful dresses hanging deep within our closets. Maybe you are holding on to that moment you where crowned Prom queen or when you were a bridesmaid in your sister’s wedding. Whichever the moment, it’s probably been a long time since it’s seen the light of day. If so, consider making a less fortunate girl’s dreams come true and donate it! Worried that the dress will be too dirty or stained? No need! Drop your dress off to Deluxe Cleaners. We will clean it and donate it to Cinderella’s Closet.

Imagine not having enough money to buy a Prom dress.

Not only does the dress usually cost a lot, but there are admissions fees, accessories, hair, etc. It is a tough pill to swallow, especially as a teenager when you are feeling judged at every corner. Cinderella’s Closet can help ease that whole situation and give girls a sense of self worth that no price tag give by providing formal wear to girls who cannot afford the high cost of Prom. Our local branch works with Reach Out Lakota, a non-profit who gathers donations for the area of Butler County, Ohio. The mission to provide dresses stretches beyond the physical dress. Cinderella’s Closet provides an amazing experience of individual attention and grace. They want to make sure every girl that walks through their door feels love and respect and knows that they are cherished. The organization started in 2006 as a ministry of Immanuel United Methodist Church at Lakeside Park, KY. Ever since then they have been helping nearly 450 girls find the dress of their dreams.

Worried that your dress has stains and will not be suitable?

No dress is turned away. It will serve a purpose. Worried that it is too outdated? We see this all the time. It will still work! If it does not go to Cinderella’s Closet, it will be donated to a school or church organization that will use it for productions and/or events. Please stop in today and make a difference in a teen girl’s life! We are taking dresses for the current donating season ending February 21st. Even if you can’t make it by then, we will still take the dress and hold onto it to donate again next year.