For those in our lives that are the hardest to buy for, we have the solution! Everyone, at one time or another, will need something professionally cleaned. We have all been guilty of that pile in the corner that needs cleaned or stitched up. Why not give the gift of practicality in a professionally clean rug or suit? They will appreciate it!

  • Bridal Gown Preservation

Give that recent bride something they will have to use anyway! Deluxe Cleaners offers a cleaning process that will leave your dress clean, but intact. Our staff takes extra care to protect every facet, from attached pearls to the most delicate lace. We understand the importance and will treat the bridal gown with the care it deserves.

  • Alterations

Whether it be a wedding dress or torn suit, Deluxe Cleaners is ready to take it on. We have expert tailors that can repair and alter any piece of clothing needed.

  • Household Items

People tend to put household items off until they are in rough shape. This gift will not go unnoticed! From bedding to window dressings, Deluxe Cleaners will leave them smelling fresh and clean.

  • Rug Cleaning

Anyone that has a rug will need it professionally cleaned at some point. Deluxe Cleaners takes pride in the care and quality work that is done. For an heirloom piece or just the everyday used rug, we will have it fresh and restored, ready to impress once again.

  • Tough Stains

Instead of tossing out stained fabrics, Deluxe Cleaners can restore them stain-free! We understand clothing construction and the chemistry of dyes and fabrics. Even the most challenging of stains does not worry us. Bring in that tablecloth your mom was going to get rid of. We will restore it, like new!

  • Business Professional Wear

That suit-wearer in your life will love the gift of dry cleaning. At Deluxe Cleaners, we pay special attention to delivering a finished product that meets every individual’s needs. Whatever the preference on folds, starches, creases, etc., we can assist.

It might seem like an odd gift to give, but practicality can usually beat out any gift. Getting items professionally cleaned is thoughtful for those that need it done, but forget about it. Trust Deluxe Cleaners to take care of grandma’s heirloom curtains or your cousin’s expensive Renaissance costume. It will surprise them, bringing joy to their wardrobe and home!