There are certain items at home that we mistakenly categorize as part of the furniture or walls. They just get overlooked when it comes to cleaning them. Maybe if they are lucky, they will see a washer when spring comes around. Otherwise, these items are doomed to collect dust, hair, and worst of all… bacteria. We’re here to remind you to wash those curtains!

Area Rugs and Runners

It’s not a carpet, but it’s not bare floor either. Somewhere in between those distinctions we lose the urgency to take care of our area rugs and floor runners. They are forgotten and end up serving as a magnet to all the hair, dust, and debris the room has to offer. Rugs will often get the vacuum, but when was the last time you gave yours a good deep cleaning? Get them professionally cleaned at least twice a year. Deluxe Cleaners does area rugs and runners! Drop yours off today and rid it of the virus that you can’t figure out how everyone in your home is contracting. (Yes, rugs can hold virus’s for up to 2 months! Yikes!)

Drapes and Curtains

Drapes and curtains come with the windows, right? Often, window treatments have to gather an obscene amount of dust before we focus our attention on them. It is one of the last things on our list because of their tenancy to be difficult to clean. They need spot testing first to make sure they don’t end up discolored and/or destroyed by the washing machines. It is a task, but one that needs doing at least a few times a year, depending. If you are unsure on how to handle the job, Deluxe Cleaners is up for this task. Our workers have a lot of experience handling the most delicate of materials so they are fresh and ready to hang back up!


Although comforters do not get as filthy, they still need cleaned from time to time. If you have animals constantly napping on them, consider cleaning them at least every other week. Otherwise a few times a year will do. When you clean them, consider professional cleaning. How many comforters have you had where the stuffing was all bunched up? This is usually due to residential cleaning methods, mainly conventional dryers. An over-sized comforter might also be the reason that your washer does not work right anymore. It could be too big. Drop it off at Deluxe Cleaners. Our cleaining methods will keep them in top condition.

Shower Curtains

If you have fabric shower curtains, they will need washed once a month. With exposure to body soils, soap residue, and moisture, there are plenty of opportunities for it to get funky. Mildew can also grow in the right conditions. Most of them can easily be thrown into the regular laundry. Be wary of the tag instructions.

Cushion Covers

Back in the day it was not that uncommon to cover your fabric furniture in plastic to protect it. When that went out of style, we needed a new solution. Soon came removable fabric that you could just take off and throw in the laundry. Even with this convenience, we still forget to clean them. Depending on use, try to clean them at least every couple of weeks to once a month. If they are not removable, you will need to hand wash them or call a professional that cleans upholstery. It can make the biggest difference to you and your loved ones that are always sitting on them.

Whether you put it on the calendar or create a list, try to give yourself reminders to remember these forgotten items. Not only will cleaning them freshen up your home, it will also keep it healthier. Deluxe Cleaners is here to make these choices easier for you. Drop any of these items off to us to get them back fresh at an affordable rate.