With all the holiday events coming up, it can be either fun or stressful choosing what you will wear. Some love the decision, while others detest it. It also depends on the event whether you want to dress to the nines or stick to what is comfortable. Whatever your style, we have some ideas!

Let’s get dressed for the holidays!

Go Formal for Thanksgiving or New Year’s Eve!

Sometimes it’s fun to take that formal dress out. You never get to wear it, so go for it at that New Year’s Eve soiree or a nice Thanksgiving dinner with the family. Encourage others to go in on the fun too. Some of us really don’t enjoy dressing up, but you’d be surprised at how many of us do! Some styles we like this year are going sophisticated with an open-back, long silky dress or a bold shimmery blouse. Don’t be afraid to turn heads in that evening gown buried deep in your closet.

Mix Business and Pleasure at That Holiday Party!

Are you a little serious and a little rock-and-roll? We understand. Pick out a fun band tee shirt and top it off with a blazer. We suggest wearing jeans. The blazer is enough business to get the look right. What’s also nice about that is if it gets too warm or cold you have a layer ready to take off or put back on. It’s perfect for this time of year when you can’t control the thermostat at the party.

Make Friends Laugh With Your Ugly Sweater!

It’s that time of the year to pick the ugliest Christmas sweater in the crowd! Some even light up now! You don’t want to be left out. Plus, it’s a comfy option for those casual events! If you are a party guru, plan a party just to create the perfect ugly sweater! Bring out the ribbons and beads and get creative. Even if you don’t wear it but once, you’ll have fun with your friends making it.

Get Festive and Wear a Themed Dress for Christmas!

In the past few years, themed dresses have been trending. We now see vintage flare dresses and casual dresses with presents or snowflakes printed all over them. If prints are not your thing, maybe try a pattern like plaid or just bring out the green and red. They might seem corny, but they are appropriate for the folks that like to turn up the Christmas music as soon as Halloween is over. Even if you are not into all the hoopla, just dressing the part or giving in to these themes might just chase that inner Scrooge away. Faking it till you make it actually can work!

Whatever you wear, don’t forget that it is YOUR decision. Your style is your own. The holidays are really about being with the ones we love, no matter what everyone is wearing. Just remember that Deluxe is here to take care of that holiday attire!