How long does it take for your clothes to fade or acquire a million pills on them? It seems a bit mysterious as to why these things happen, but there are reasons. It might come down to quality, but most of the time it is really our caring practices that are to blame. We have some solutions for you that will make your clothes last longer!

Let’s do some laundry!

Read the Tags

We know, it takes time to pay attention to tags, but they really are important. Tags usually let you know whether the garment can be ironed, the recommended washing-water temperature, and how to dry it. As a disclaimer, we’ve seen a lot of tags get things wrong. If you are ever in doubt, give Deluxe Cleaners a call. We have a very knowledgeable staff that have spent a lot of years in the garment industry. We will answer any clothing question you have to the best of our ability.

Pay Attention to Colors

It seems pretty easy to sort by color, but there are more things to be aware of here. Dark clothes can fade rather quickly with only a few washes. Always make sure you turn them inside out to avoid quick fading. If you have just bought a bright colorful shirt, it might be best to just wash it alone, so it does not dye other fabrics.

Bleach can be rough on clothes. Use it as a last resort or go with a color-safe alternative that will be gentler.

Dry Smart

A clothes dryer is a nice time saver, however, you should be wary. Dryers will wear your clothing down. Make sure the dryer is set at a good energy efficient temperature. Even when the tag indicates that it is dryer safe, if you have doubts it is best to just air dry it. Drying racks can be as inexpensive as $20. Be sure to dry them in a cool dry area where they have plenty of space.

Taking good care of your clothes could be what will make it possible to pass them along to the next generation or someone in need. Buying clothes all the time can get expensive and just wasteful. When your clothes need dry cleaned, trust Deluxe Cleaners with your garments. We give special attention to each piece of clothing at an affordable price.