We have all worn a costume at one time or another. Usually the care instructions will be more complicated than normal clothes. It is for a good reason. There is usually delicate fabric involved, intricate material, and various coloring. It might seem like a hassle to deal with, but it is definitely worth it to have that great costume.

Here are some care tips for your costumes!

Wear With Caution

The piece might get cleaned after wearing, but that does not mean you should go wild in it. The best rule is not to eat when in costume. If you must, consider wearing a bib or towel. Sure, you can use stain removal, but why have to if it can be avoided? Another rule is don’t use perfume in excess. Some contain alcohol that can cause fabrics to fade. Last, and most forgotten, is that sweat is an issue. The longer it is left on a fabric, the more it has a tendency to stain. The stain is also harder to remove over a lapse of time. You can wear sweat pads or a simple shirt underneath that help guard it from transferring to the costume. If you wear anti-antiperspirant or deodorant, make sure it does not contain alcohol.

Undivided Attention

When considering cleaning, not all fabrics are the same. The costume should be individually paid attention to, aside from all other clothes. Once figuring out what is best for the fabric, there are preemptive steps. Are there embellishments that need to be removed first (jewelry, decor, etc.)? Consider if the costume can be even be put through a cleaner. It might be spot wash only. If this is the case, make sure it is in a well-aired place to let the sweat evaporate. If the piece seems too complicated and risky to try at home, bring it to Deluxe. It is not as high of a charge as you would think for costume cleaning!


Make sure the costume is completely dry before storing. Mold could grow if it is not dry. Do not store in direct sunlight. It will fade the fabric. If the costume is richly decorated and weighs a lot, it might be best for it to be stored laying down to avoid stretching. Use fabric hangers to avoid unwanted stains from wood or plastic.

Whether you spent all your money on a renaissance-style dress or it’s something you picked up on the cheap, it will need cared for if you expect it to last. Care labels can often be wrong or misleading, so it might be best to do some research. If you remain in doubt, bring it to the experts at Deluxe. We will know exactly what to do at a budget you can afford!