The kids are back on the bus and winter is coming. Time to get out the sweaters and coats! It might seem like a cinch, but there are some preparatory things to check off. We have tips on how to get your closet optimized. So, you’ll be ready for all the bonfires and apple picking your heart desires!

Donate and Sort Through Your Wardrobe!

It’s a wonderful time to donate since you will be going through your wardrobe anyway. Note all the summer articles that you can purge. We all have a different idea of how much is too much. See if you’ve expanded beyond your preferential mark. To keep up on this idea throughout the year, here’s a greatrule: Add a new article; Subtract an old article. This keeps your wardrobe fresh and easy to maintain. This step may be hard for those that have a hard time letting go. Remember to be honest with what you will actually wear or use going forward.

Get Organized!

Changing of the seasons marks a great time to organize. Are there things you haphazardly threw in the closet that don’t truly go there? Time to find out! Have you expanded a section and what you had there no longer fits? It may take some time now, but will save you time when looking for things later.

Make The Swap!

When you pull out your summer clothes that you will keep, make sure you have a designated space ready to store them in. Many people hang them in an extra closet or bag them up. You can go slim on space and get a vacuum-sealed bag. Note that if you go that route, all articles will be very wrinkled and will need cleaned and pressed.

Time to dig out winter clothes! Not so fast though. As you pull out each article, carefully examine the reasons you will add it back into your closet. Has your weight fluctuated? Try it on and make sure it still fits right. Has your style changed? It happens. What you thought was a great piece last year, might be lackluster to you now. Is it worthy of your closet? If so, it has earned a hanger! Don’t just put it in there though. Place it with the hanger facing the opposite way than usual. When it is worn, turn it around. At the end of the cold season, if it’s still facing opposite direction you will know if you have worn it or not and decide to let it go or not.

Do I Need to Add Anything?

This might ring happy or sad, depending on how you feel, but it might be time to go shopping. Note how your existing pieces go together. Do you have a favorite scarf, but it doesn’t go with anything? This will help you with easy morning preparation and optimization of the room you have.

Styles and fabrics can be as ever-changing as the seasons. It can be difficult to give in to change, but can be a positive factor in the long run. Think of how this simple evaluation can make a difference in your wardrobe. Don’t forget that Deluxe is there to keep your style fresh and clean throughout the year!