With the current trends and tips on how to find success and happiness, it’s becoming increasingly popular to live our best life. While this messaging usually revolves around healthier eating and exercising, it’s also about better management of our time and money, doing more of what we love and living “as if”. We love these principles and being part of our customer’s success and happiness. Here’s a brief breakdown on how Deluxe Cleaners and Alterations can help!

Professional Laundering/Dry Cleaning Saves Time And Money

One might look at the cost of dry cleaning and decide to risk putting their items in the wash, but studies show those who are most successful spend their time and money intentionally. They value time as the precious asset it is and calculate their ROI on the activities they do. 

For example, one person might find their time is worth $20/hr while another believes her time is worth $100/hr. If the woman who believes her time is worth a $100/hr decides to spend four hours sorting, washing, folding and ironing, she will see this task as costing her $400. No matter how much per hour you value your time, taking your laundry for a professional wash/iron or wash/fold saves you time to spend with your family, to focus on work, get more rest or earn your next Netflix binge.

Help You Dress For Success

If our blog on proper fit didn’t convince you of the importance of first impressions, then think about it this way. Our automatic brains process stimuli without conscious thought. It then picks out details of the present moment and associates them to everything learned in the past and uses these details to project into the future. This is a massively summarized version of how impressions are created, but we all know how much impressions can help us win or lose a promotion or even a sale. Dressing for success or “as if” we have already won the promotion will increase our chances our boss will see us in this role before we’re even hired for it.

According to science, “the clothes we wear affect our behavior, attitudes, personality, mood, confidence and even the way we interact with others.” The scientific term is enclothed cognition. Now, think of two different people and their attire. One is wearing professionally fitted, expertly washed and crisply ironed clothing, while the other is wearing clothes off the rack that are washed and ironed at home. Which one looks more clean cut, well-kept, confident and successful in your mind’s eye?

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