While it may seem like you don’t wear a coat enough for it to get dirty, it is. The material in your coat can hold on to scents (perfume, food, smoke), hair, dust and food particles, not to mention a host of germs that could be making you sick.

To keep your coat clean and in tip-top shape, have your coats cleaned at least twice a season depending on how often you wear them. And, before you hang up that coat for good at the end of the season, get it dry cleaned again for good measure so that it doesn’t attract any moths or other bugs who might enjoy the smell (and taste) of your unwashed garment.

Winter coats are a good investment, and, with proper care that includes regular dry cleaning or professional laundering, they can last you through many winter seasons.

Tips for Emergency Spot Removal

Stains are inevitable. While it’s important to get your coat to Deluxe Cleaners as soon as possible for a proper cleaning, you can follow these tips to spot-treat the stain in the meantime. Just like every stain is different, so too is the fabric from which it needs to be removed. One thing all materials have in common though, is that you should never, ever use a hair dryer or direct heat on it and always blot the stain rather than rubbing it to preserve the material.

Suede and Shearling. Grab a clean towel and blot the stain to remove liquid. Add cornstarch or baking soda to the stain to let it absorb as much as it can. Brush the suede once it’s dry with a suede brush or a dry, soft towel until the nap is raised again and the stain isn’t visible.

Wool and Tweed. Blot the stain with a dry or damp towel to absorb the liquid. Blot again with a mild detergent. Keep rinsing the towel and blotting until all the soap is gone or you’ve removed as much of the stain as you could. Let the coat air dry.

Fur. The spot treatment for fur is the same as it is for suede and shearling; however, if you need to use detergent, make sure to dry the fur coat in an open area to keep it from getting too dry and cracking.

Faux Fur. Blot to remove any excess liquid. Use any detergent to work on the stain with the blotting and repeating process until all the detergent is removed. Dry in an open room and do not put in the dryer.

Let us help you keep your winter coats lasting a lifetime! At Deluxe Cleaners and Alterations, we offer quality cleaning at a great price, and can remove nearly any spot from any material. Call us today at 513-874-8704 with any questions.

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