“The dress must follow the body of a woman, not the body following the shape of the dress.” This quote by Hubert de Givenchy helps us put into perspective the importance of having clothes fit us instead of us trying to fit our clothes. Wearing clothes that fit our unique shape so we can be our unique selves is freeing!In fact, here are three ways properly fitted clothing can free you.

First impressions

It takes mere seconds to form a first impression. A smile, eye contact, posture and yes, even your outfit can make or break it. Consider this, you’re going for a job interview.Your suit jacket is too snug in the shoulders, making you uncomfortable, and is too bulky for your waistline. This can cause you to look more like a stiff box truck than a human being.You represent your company on social media, at events and more so it makes sense an employer hires a candidate that takes the extra effort to look his or her best. Furthermore, landing your dream job is freeing in and of itself!


Self-confidence is always important but especially when you have a date. Maybe you and your spouse are planning a date night at that fancy Italian steakhouse in West Chester. There’s nothing worse than spending two hours trying on every outfit you own, making an unintentional pile for Goodwill while you’re at it.

Your self-confidence takes a hit with every outfit you try on that is too snug here and enhances the bulge there. Before you know it, you’re ready to cancel your date and eat ice cream instead. Now imagine you have a handful of outfits in your closet that fit your body like a glove. When you wear properly fitted clothes, you won’t be fidgeting in them all night and your personality is free to shine!

Save time and money

Let’s face it, trying to fit our unique shapes into a one size fits all system is exhausting. We waste a lot of money buying clothes we never end up wearing because of how uncomfortable they are.

However, think how freeing it would be if you could shop for styles that fit your personality vs. your body. You could buy it even though it was slightly too large or snug knowing Deluxe Cleaners in West Chester can alter it to fit you and save you time and money in the process. Not sure how to buy clothes that can be fitted properly? Contact Deluxe Cleaners at 513-874-8704 and we’ll help you look your best!

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