Memories of our traditional holiday parties have a way of blending all together over the years. Creating holiday party games and crafts can help make this year’s family parties more memorable.Hence, we compiled a few resources to spark your creative cheer this year.

Kid and Adult Friendly Crafts

These Santa hats can be as creative as you want them to be for kids and adults alike. Add any kind of sparkles, stars or go wild and add some tinsel, too!Each hat can be an expression of each person.Furthermore, add some competition to it by providing a pen and paper so everyone can vote for their favorite hat afterward (no one can vote for their own designs).The winner can receive a small gift or bag of holiday candy.

If you have younger children,get them involved in Elf on the Shelf this year by making their own. Let them place their own personal elf next to official ones after they find it to keep the elf company each day.

Holiday Party Games for All Ages

Be the life of the party by wearing your ugliest Christmas sweater and (beer) pong game all in one! This sweater comes complete with instructions and alternative ways of playing.Even more, it has kid-friendly suggestions to get the whole family involved. Above all, have a designated driver if you play the adult version!

We love this next party game because not only can everyone play it, but there’s a gift for the winner, too! It’s called The Present Challenge. It’s a cross between musical chairs, hot potato and gift giving, one might say.

Do You Hear What I Hear is another fun Christmas game for all ages and it’s easy to create. This might be a good game for the whole family right before caroling because once you hear all these bells, you’ll be sure to be in the mood for a jingle!

Have a less active crowd? Then a good old holiday bingo game is easy to create with these free printable bingo cards and some Hershey Kisses. You can get creative with the prizes or use various $5 gift cards. A selection of homemade cookies make for a great prize!

These crafts and game ideas help make holiday parties more fun and engaging, creating lasting holiday memories with your family this year.Oh, and don’t worry if you get a little beer or eggnog on that ugly Christmas sweater or some arts and craft stains on your tablecloth because Deluxe Cleaners and Alterations are experts at handling tough stains and household items! From our family to yours, Happy holidays!