It’s always a great feeling to look around and enjoy the freshness after you finishing cleaning your home. Whether it’s the kitchen, bathroom or any other room, a freshly-cleaned home feels wonderful. The only exception to this is if any of the cleaning is done with harsh chemicals. In that case, you can end up with strong cleaning odors that you really wish would go away.


If you want to have a very clean home but avoid those types of less than ideal odors, SNAP is the cleaning product you need. This product and the philosophy behind it is one of the most interesting developments to occur within the cleaning industry in a long time.


At a high level, some of the traits that make SNAP so appealing are it’s a product that works great, smells fresh and is environmentally friendly. One of the innovations of SNAP and reasons that it’s truly environmentally friendly is the bottles are reusable.


Everything You Need to Know About SNAP Cleaning


Since it’s clear from the paragraph above that SNAP stands out from other cleaning solutions on the market, let’s dig into exactly why it’s the best way to clean throughout your home. The best way to experience SNAP is with the Essentials Kit. With this kit, you get three packs each of All-Purpose Cleaner, Sanitary Bathroom Cleaner, All Fresh, Stain Remover and Dishwashing Liquid. The kit also includes 5 labeled bottles for added convenience.


Because the bottles are made from quality materials, you only have to buy them once and then you’ll be able to continue using them for a long time. The way SNAP works is you simply drop a pack into its matching labeled bottle, fill with water and in one minute you’ll be ready to go. Not only does SNAP save you time and money, but the excellent formulas do an awesome job of eliminating even the toughest dirt and grime.


The SNAP packs will dissolve at any temperature, which makes them very easy to use. SNAP Essentials Kit products are non-toxic, and as long as you follow the label directions, you won’t have to worry about any residue being left behind. All the products are also biodegradable.


If you have any other questions about SNAP Cleaning or want to try out these products, swing by either of our two West Chester dry cleaning locations.