Of all the factors that determine how a piece of clothing looks when you wear it, the fit is at the top of the list. You can have an item that’s the perfect color for your personal style and made with quality by a great designer. But if it doesn’t fit your body, it’s never going to look as good as you would like.


If that description matches with several items that you already have in your closet, the good news is it’s still possible to look your absolute best when you wear them. The secret to making that happen is getting the items altered. Once a piece of clothing is altered to properly fit your body, you’ll feel incredible whenever you wear it.


To give you a better idea of exactly what alterations can do for your wardrobe, we want to cover three different ones that can make a big difference:


  1. Waist


Countless women have hips that are bigger than their waist. Even though this is a very common body type, it’s still something that so many types of pants fail to address. We’ve had many great experiences with women who get the waistband on a pair of pants altered for the first time and are absolutely thrilled with the difference it makes. Going with this type of alteration makes it possible to have your waistband hit you based on the rise of your pants.


  1. Hem


This is an alteration that’s very effective but easy to overlook. The most common alteration that falls in this category is getting pants altered because they’re too long. What many women don’t realize is you can also let the hem out of a pair of pants. Gaining an extra inch or two in this way can bring pants to the perfect length. While we’re talking about pants, it’s worth mentioning that fullness is another element that can be altered. Having this alteration made to certain types of pants can bring the perfect balance to them.


  1. Shoulders


Pants definitely aren’t the only type of clothing that can be altered. Dresses, blazers, and jackets can all be great candidates for alterations. For many women, the alteration that has the biggest impact on these pieces of clothing is the shoulders. Women with narrow shoulders often feel like many of their clothes end up wearing them. By bringing in the shoulders through expert alterations, it’s possible to give a dress, blazer or jacket the perfect fit.


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