At Deluxe Cleaners, we’re in the business of taking great care of every single garment that customers bring to us. If you ever have a question about a specific piece of your clothing, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 513-874-8704. Since most clothes that get dry cleaned fall into one of a few categories, we want to share some helpful information about preparing your garments to be dry cleaned:


Choosing Clothes for Dry Cleaning


One of the best things you can do to take great care of all your clothes is to always read the tag. When you see a tag that says “dry clean only,” you will know for sure to bring it to Deluxe Cleaners. If you simply see “dry clean” on a tag, it means the maker highly recommends opting for dry cleaning. Going with this recommendation is the best way to avoid accidentally ruining any of your garments.


Lined garments like coats or jackets are another category that should be dry cleaned. The same is true for pleated skirts, as well as any piece of clothing that’s made of fabric that’s likely to shrink or isn’t colorfast. It’s also a good idea to let dry cleaning professionals handle garments made from fabrics like silk, wool, suede, and taffeta. Finally, if you ever get a spill or stain on a piece of clothing, bringing it to either of our West Chester dry cleaning locations is the best way to ensure that the item is fully restored to its former condition.


What to Do Before and After Dry Cleaning


Bringing the types of garments we covered above in for dry cleaning will help maximize their lifespan. When you’re ready to prep clothes for dry cleaning, be sure to go through all the pockets and take out anything you find. For stained garments, putting tape or a pin near the stain will make it easy for us to identify. You can also make a list or tell us in person if you know the specific substances that created the stain.


We’re open from Monday through Saturday, so once your clothes are prepped, you can bring them to us. Then when you pick them back up and take them home, you’ll want to take them out of the plastic storage bags prior to hanging them up in your closet. It’s also a good idea to switch the hangers to plastic or wood. If we put paper in any of the sleeves, leaving it in place will help that garment keep its shape until you are ready to wear it.


If you have any additional questions about preparing your clothes for dry cleaning, you can easily reach us by calling 513-874-8704.