If you have garments that need to be cleaned, Deluxe Cleaners is the best place to take them. You can count on us for quality cleaning at a great price. Since we’re very proud of the quality service we offer, we want to share six benefits of choosing us for your West Chester dry cleaning needs:

1. Convenience
We understand that between your professional and personal responsibilities, you’ve already got more than enough on your plate. That’s why we make it incredibly easy to clean your clothes. Instead of spending hours washing and ironing your clothes, simply drop them off with us and we’ll take care of everything for you.

2. Smart Stain and Spot Elimination
It’s never fun to get a stain or spot on one of your favorite pieces of clothing. Fortunately, Deluxe Cleaners has the experience and resources needed to get any spot out of any fabric. We will utilize the most effective treatment process based on the construction of your clothing, as well as the chemistry of its dyes and fabrics.

3. Experienced
We’re not in dry cleaning to make a quick buck. Instead, we take a lot of pride in the level of experience that we bring to our customers. ¬†Deluxe Cleaners’ owner, LeeAnn Gentry, has a degree in Fashion Merchandising/Business Administration. She got her start in the dry cleaning industry in 1999. In addition to her own experience, she’s just as proud that the amazing members of her production staff have an average of 21 years of industry experience.

4. Custom for You
If you have certain preferences about how your clothes are cleaned, we’re more than happy to follow those instructions. Whether it’s how your clothes are starched, folded or creased, we will always do our very best to follow any custom requests.

5. Pristine Results
Professional dry cleaning that’s done well is a great experience for customers. But not all dry cleaners are equal, which unfortunately means that plenty of people around West Chester have had at least one sub par experience. The good news is because Deluxe Cleaners has such a detailed and comprehensive process, you can count on pristine results from our service every single time.

6. Extra Services
Whether you’re in need of commercial dry cleaning services or have a bridal gown that you want to preserve, we can help. The same is true for household items like bedding and rugs. If you ever have a question about whether or not we offer a specific service, you can always give us a call at 513-874-8704.

If you want to benefit from everything Deluxe Dry Cleaners has to offer, all you need to do is stop by one of our two convenient West Chester locations!